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"Hi. My name is Jeff. I'm honored to be your Argument Fixer Guide. Here is how the Argument Fixer app got invented:

"I have many years of experience in coaching people how to achieve better Argument Management.  I invented this app to help people trapped in conflict learn together how to minimize stress so they can reduce panic; and to instead collaborate fairly in resolving their disagreements.

"When I first started coaching people with relationship problems, I introduced them to create a 'Time-Out Procedure' that they would both agree to utilize whenever their future arguments began to feel out of control...  This verbal contract worked well, but some partners wished they had gotten a clear warning signal before the other partner called a Time-Out.

I had heard that soccer Referees use a special “Red Card - Yellow Card” belt pack to keep angry coaches, players or fans from over-harassing them about one of their penalty calls.  As I understood it, showing someone the Yellow Card announces an official Warning to that person to calm down before getting a penalty.  If they don't calm down, then the Referee next displays the Red Card, which means the angry person must leave the game, take a Time-Out, etc.  What I liked about this process was that the partner was given a warning chance to calm down BEFORE the actual Time Out was implemented!  A Yellow Card warning could become an important step for my Relationship clients to Alert their partner to wake up out of the trance of anger or panic - BEFORE they were given a Time-Out, so the discussion could continue seeking good resolution.

"Excited about this upgrade to my Time-Out Contract, I hurried over to my local sports store and was able to find a few of these Referee packs to purchase inexpensively!  Now I began giving my Anger Management clients and Relationship Counseling couples a Red-Yellow card pack to use along with their Time-Out Agreement so they could better resolve their arguments.

The new modification became that either one of them could now decide during an argument stress point to hold up the Yellow Card, which meant "Let's take a minute to calm ourselves down."  If that didn't work, both partners knew one of them could soon flash the Red Card meaning "I insist we take an immediate 5-minute recess so we can regain our emotional self-control.

This combined argument fixing system worked well as I taught it to my new clients.  One day, a grateful client urged me to turn all this into an app, so it could help lots of people around the world to avoid the argument frustration... Although I had a background in computer technology and web development, I didn't yet know how to build an app.

"Then in September of 2019, I happily discovered a great website-based program offering a friendly toolkit that finally enabled me to build my app for the world to use!  My good old 'Red Card - Yellow Card Kit' and the 'Time-Out Word Agreement' were able to evolve even further, and have now become the main feature included in this app - called the "Fixer Cards".  So that's the story of how this "Argument Fixer" app was born...

Argument Fixer App Friendly Traffic Guide"Argument Fixer helps people navigate safely around dangerous emotional collisions during their disagreements.  Because it's processes are so similar to the activity of driving your car in public, we have designed it to look and feel like an easy-to-use Traffic Safety Toolkit.  Therefore our mascot resembles a Friendly Traffic Guide - who also needs to be partly a Road Construction Worker!

In addition, we've added several amazing educational functions to help you accelerate past your old concepts about how to navigate through the roadblocks of conflict.  We can help you have a productive journey of discussion instead of crashing into arguments.

OUR CORE CONCEPT: The old style of "Primitive Arguing" was about Hostile Strength - competing to Win and make the other Lose like opponents in a boxing ring.  The Argument Fixer's new style is about Friendly Strength - collaborating fairly like creative problem solvers on the same team who are seeking better agreements.  We urge you to try out the concepts presented in this app and let them become your "open highway" of newfound freedom in your relationships.


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